Unexpected crashing

For some reason today I’ve had several unexpected crashes in SketchUp 2018 Pro with my normal models, and none with a bugsplat. Sometimes it happens when switching between windows with two models open at the same time, or when copying/pasting between them, or when opening/closing groups for editing. I can’t reproduce anything reliably, but this has happened at least 5 times today, causing minor progress loss each time. Any suggestions?

When SketchUp crashes a report will be created in


You should be able to figure out from the name and timestamp which one corresponds to the crash of interest. If you upload it here, someone from the Trimble team may be able to analyze what is causing the crash. These files are created by the OS even in situations when BugSplat doesn’t manage to catch the crash, such as when the code itself calls an abort.

Edit: this is for Mac

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Thank you @slbaumgartner. Attaching today’s crash files here.

SketchUp_2019-02-18-112521_US-C02X81YWJGH5.txt (131.4 KB)
SketchUp_2019-02-18-133424_US-C02X81YWJGH5.txt (136.4 KB)
SketchUp_2019-02-18-135659_US-C02X81YWJGH5.txt (125.1 KB)
SketchUp_2019-02-18-140339_US-C02X81YWJGH5.txt (123.6 KB)

The precise reason for the crash is above my pay grade, but I notice this line in the traceback:

3   TwilightWidgetsV2.so          	0x0000000120eeb1e1 0x120917000 + 6111713

which leads me to ask, are you using Twilight Render?

I do use Twilight Render on occasion, but was not using it when any of these crashes occurred.

Still getting several crashes a day doing absolutely normal tasks, like saving files, or switching windows to another model. Nothing I’m making is very complex, either. Should I expect someone from Trimble to read this and respond with help? When I have to reopen SketchUp and my 3 models every hour or so and find out what I might have lost, it’s really killing productivity.

Maybe @Barry can bring this to the attention of the right person at Trimble.

I must point out that it does not necessarily matter whether you are actively using TwilightRender right now. Many extensions install things in the background that monitor the model regardless of whether the extension is currently running. These “observers” have the potential to crash SketchUp, especially if they unknowingly interfere with ones from other extensions. I’d start by trying to update TwilightRender to the latest version. If you already have the latest, try disabling TR and see if that helps.

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Were it me, seeing lots of fog references in the crash stack with shadows and RenderOpaqueNoShadow, I’d try turning off fog and shadows while I was working, and as @slbaumgartner mentioned, turn TwilightRender off. Then do my work, then turn them back on only when I needed them.

Thanks. I uninstalled Twilight for starters, and I’ll try to work without shadows if you think it’s really a culprit. Usually something like shadows on these small, simple models wouldn’t even lag my model, let alone shut down SketchUp like that. Fog, on the other hand, I’ve never enabled, so I don’t know why that would turn up. I’ll keep you posted.