Undoing / removing geometry caused by projecting texture

Hello all,

I’ve just discovered - much to my horror and surprise - that projecting textures in the photomodelling process modifies the models geometry by adding extra faces to lay textures on to. I would have assumed that this would be done in the UV map but alas not. (see attached - this is crude test but you can see where the window (shadow) has resulted in a new face being made on the interior wall)

I’m now in a situation where my model has lots of unwanted additional geometry in it, and i’ve gone a few steps further with my model, adding various aspects to it.

Simple question: How can I clean these extra faces away?
Is there a way to project textures without generating more geometry?

First… a great cleanup tool extension to have is Thomthom’s CleanUp

Second… You probably want to be selective in what gets the texture from “Project Texture”. You will want to select the surfaces you want to texturize before you click the Project Texture button.

Third… It looks like the photo you are using is not using an ideal photo for exploiting PhotoMatch as it looks to be close to a straight elevation. Instead, you should try to use the “Texture Tweak” feature as it allows you to map and manipulate the photo texture directly on the geometry.

Check out this video

I hope this helps