Undoing accidental (Modified) in Layout

Is there a way to UNDO an accidental (Modified) scene in Layout? Essentially to just update it to match the style you set in SU?

I had a viewport placed and the style was shaded in SU, but I must have overrode it to Hidden Line in LO. I corrected the style in SU to Hidden Line but it’ll still show as (modified) in LO. I’ve since inserted a new viewport and updated it all to be correct, but I imagine there must be a way to reset a viewport to default?

Thank you.

If you had set it to a scene before, you should be able to choose that scene again.
Select the Viewport and then choose the right scene in de viewport panel (SketchUp Model)
Or rightclick on the viewport and select through the context menu

So simple. No idea why I didn’t think to try that.

Thank you.

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