Understanding the building process


Attached is a Sketchup rendering a friend developed.
I will be render images similar to my friends.

To get a better understanding of the process can someone describe the number of layers in this rendering.



The use of layers depends on the needs of the particular user for hiding things. So the answer is something between 1 and infinity. Everything in SketchUp can be done without any other layers than the default layer 0.



It’s impossible to tell from a picture how many layers were involved or what they were used for. But also, once you read the link that @Anssi supplied, you may find that SketchUp’s layers don’t do what you expected, hence that you need to rephrase your question.


Hi Runslongtrail, hi folks.

If you have the skp file and SketchUp (SU), open the file in SU.

Then, in SU, open the Layer Window to see what they are.

If you need to know the exact number of layers, beside counting them from the list above, you can use Window Menu --> Model Info --> Satistics. Scroll down until you see how many layers are in the model.

Just ideas.