Understanding relation ACT and Animation Settings

Hello again,

I would like to create scenes with a ATC-camera view and export them to video with this camera view.
I defined a ACT camera with a special aspect ratio 21:9 . So I see the workspace with the darkened stripes of the aspect ratio. I can now define my scenes which adds “Photos” to my scene-window.
Now I go to export /animation and set my custom pixel aspect ratio (again) . But the exported video shows small darkened stripes on top and bottom from the camera view …

So maybe you lie on the ground laughing about my misunderstanding of the concept? :rofl:

Is there a way to animate the ACT cameras and having exactly this perspective on the animated video?
Is there a “how to” video somewhere out there?

Thank you !!! regards Adrian

I considered this to be a bug. The video export should in my view by default get its ratio from the view’s ratio, not the arbitrary view area ratio. The bars outside the view should not be rendered in the export.


Hello Julia,

thank you for your answer which made me rethink it. Now I inserted my own camera in the camera.csv file. which has the right aspect ratio. This was my error. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I did not have the right camera for 21:9 . Now the export is as expected. regards and thank you for your fast response Adrian

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