Underpurlins showing through - Why?

Does anybody recognize this problem?

I have drawn a mezzanine floor… with underpurlins below a 21mm plywood floor.
My problem is that the underpurlins show through the deck… and moreso when zoomed out.
Thet disappear entirely when zoomed in or when directly in plan view… But I want to create a true isometric view that does not show the purlins from above (if that makes sense?)

UnderpurlinsUnderpurlins disappear

NB: Purlins and floor are sperate components

Thanks for any assistance…

How thick is the floor?

When you zoom back the relative distance between the camera and the floor and the camera and the underpurlins gets smaller and the graphics card starts to see them as the same distance and displays both. The solution is to put the underpurlins on a layer you can turn off when you don’t want to show them.

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You can use shift+ eraser to hide the top edges of the purlins.
The ones on the left are hidden.
Hidden edges


Thanks Dave and Box

I will have to learn layers…
The shift+ Erase worked a treat.

Great help and fast… awesome
Thanks again…

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