Unavailable 3D Warehouse

Hello. Pls help me out on this.

So currently i am using SU2015 and 3D warehouse is no longer available for the 2015 ver. Since i only know how to render with Vray 2 and as far as i concern, Vray 2 is limited to SU 2016 only. I was wondering if i switch to 2016 ver, the warehouse can still be used? Because right now, it is so inconvenient that i have to use SU2018 to donwload models from warehouse and have to import it as the 2015 vers back and forth so many times. Or do you have any other solution for this?

Thank you before.


Use a normal browser, go to the 3D Warehouse and download the collada file.
Import that in your model, or better, in a new instance of SketchUp
Inspect the file, di some cleaning and save as component.
Right click on component