Unable to upgrade sketchup pro 2018 license to pro 2019


I am a registered SU Pro 2018 user. I have an international debit card (not a credit card).

When I try to use the upgrade process through your online platform to upgrade my SU 2018 Pro License to SU 2019 Pro (including renewal of support), using my debit card, your system gives an error and advises to use a different card. As mentioned I do not have a credit card (I never had one), and your sales page for online renewals does not have any other way to pay except the credit card. This was not the way earlier, when SU was with Google.

I can make the payment via Paypal (however it does not show a way to pay via Paypal), Debit Card (which I currently have); or I can pay via a Bank Transfer (However, your website does not show how and to whom the transfer is to be made, with their relevant account numbers/ details).

Moreover, to add to my woes your website does not have a dedicated Phone number of your Sales Department where I can talk to a human. Even that would have been a great help. Clicking on your online Support link leads to a form page which I have filled three times over in the past 3 weeks without any response, and frustration has driven me to use the forums to communicate this issue which could easily have been solved by your sales team on phone.

Can someone from Sketchup Staff / Trimble Sales please assist me on this?

Help desperately needed urgently please ! Thanks.

Ar. Nitin Sharma
3DA Design Studio

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Are you current in your Maintenance and Support? If so you can upgrade to 2019 for free! Go to the License Wizard and input your current info. If you have allowed M&S to lapse, we can help you out with that. Just contact our Sales group and they can help you out with payment.


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Hi Aaron, thanks for the reply. Known you since you owned your own firm & Buildedge Plan :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks a ton for your SU skillbuilders and tips. Have subscribed to the same and look forward to your videos every week.

No. I have an expired M&S. I have already filled out the form at https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact-support/sales-question/form three times in the past 3 weeks and haven’t had a reply from them till date. :frowning:

Could you provide an email address in Sales that I could talk to? Preferably also a phone number.

Thanks again!


Ar. Nitin Sharma

Principal Architect, 3DA

D-38, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi 110 017, India

Email: ans.3dads@gmail.com

Website: www.3rdarch.com

Hi! Thanks for watching!

The reseller for India is ARK Infosolutions. They should be able to get you set up with an up-to-date M&S!