Unable to scale jpeg image

I am trying to change the scale on a site plan I have imported. It is a jpeg and I imported it and then sharped the image and trying to scale the image. I use the measuring tape and I click the measurement at both ends and then I type in the measurement I want but I get nothing asking me if I wish to resize the image. Any thoughts?

Can you go through your work flow step by step?
I have no problems with resizing either a *.png or a *.jpg image with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool as follows:
Click first location > click second location > type new desired value of size > hit [Enter]

Sure, Thanks! I imported the image and then I used a plugin to make the image sharper because it was blurry. I then clicked the Measuring tool and clicked the first location and then the second location and typed the measurement I wanted and then hit enter but nothing happened.

If you are measuring a distance in the image itself, hit Command before clicking on the two points. Or trace the image with the Line tool and then measure between the endpoints of the line.

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Cool, Thanks! I will give it a try.

Have you tried exploding the image after importing it and then re-grouping it.

You should then be able to enter the group and re-scale, at least this works for me.

Also would like to know which plugin you use to sharpen the image?

No need to explode the image to scale it. The extension is called Large Image Splitter. It’s in the Extension Warehouse.

OK, Thanks for that, I thought I had that problem once and that is how I resolved it,
but must have done something else. the plugin will be useful tho.