Unable to save: SU Pro 2021

I have a classic license, paid in full on November 2020, expiring November 2021. I have the Sketchup 2021 application loaded on my Mac. Big Sur 11.2.1

I can use sketchup perfectly fine until I need to save. then it freezes. I can change the file name in the text box, but I’m unable to select any location in finder, and attempting to click the “Save” button, already highlighted, is unsuccessful.

I have restarted the program multiple times. I have also deleted the program, and re-downloaded it from the trimble sketchup website, and re-installed it on my computer.

Your classic license does not expire, only the maintenance contract.

Are there more accounts on the machine?
Do you drag the SketchUp logo into the Application’s logo in the window that pops up?
Make sure any version of SketchUp is closed remove the App and then empty the trash bin.
A reboot at this point is also recommended.
Then try again to install.