Unable to relink or export with Layout 2023

Having trouble relinking and exporting/printing my Layout file. Its been fine though at times slow, but now it stops responding with just about any action - even drawing a line.

To relink the updated model - it hangs and does nothing
Same with trying to export the PDF to do a test print.

This seems to have happened in the last 2 days, before that it was okay (not great speed-wise but okay).

Please help.

Mac OS, Sketchup 2023 version. 2GHz Dual Core i5, 8GB ram. Intel Iris Graphics 504 1536MB
PC - 3.2GHz i7 with 16GB ram, and much better graphics card…

purged unused - SKP is 9.4MB. Trying to work as clean as possible but did have to rapid rebuild the whole thing twice - once due to complete design change due to new plot and the second time a file from Warehouse corrupted the new design and had to redraw it from scratch again.

Even if I try to do a new Layout document completely (to test if I could redo the layout of the scenes for the deadline this week) the application freezes instantly with nothing else open on either device.