Unable to place simple camera postion - due to it being "Constrained"

I have been working with sketchup since @lastsoftware… I recently upgraded to 2016 and new hardware. I just tried to create a view by placing the camera using the “position camera” icon. No matter where I click in/on/around the model, the camera jumps to a specific elevational plane above the origin (in this case inside roof structure cavity) and is constrained to the red axis. The only thing that can change is the position relative to the origin along the red axis and the angle of view. This issue is specific to this model. Any thoughts…? it’s quite frustrating.

SketchUp 2016 introduced new inferences locks for the 3 axes, and a planar lock (Down Arrow.)

If the left arrow key is pressed it locks to a RED axis inference. Could this be what’s happening ?

An is the view camera set to perspective or parallel projection ?

well, it certainly was behaving like that, but I have never seen it when placing the camera… Weird. Camera was in perspective mode.

Interestingly enough, After closing and opening the model 2x the issue has resolved. I will chalk it up to random at this point as I cannot reproduce it.

Thanks for the reply Dan.


Well, ya’ know it could have been a memory error, etc. When things act weird I suspect memory corruption, I usually reboot the computer.

It also may have been the automatically fix errors, if you had that checked.

Anyway, keep a eye on it.

And enjoy the new inference locks:
SketchUp User Guide: Locking inferences with the keyboard