Unable to open 2017 Make

I have a HP Envy with windows 8.1. I attempted to download and trouble shot as suggested in a past forum with no success. SU Make will not open once installed. Updated Intel 4600 and downloaded Visual C++. I was in the market to upgrade to the pro version but if I can not get Make to work I am afraid to take the dive.

If Make won’t work, then Pro won’t either.

If the problem is the graphics chip or driver, then you need to see if the adapter is capable of OpenGL v3.0 or higher, AND if so, whether you can obtain a suitable driver from either your computer manufacturer or the chipset manufacturer.

What are the specs of the machine you are trying to run SU 2017 on? Your profile doesn’t say.

See other posts in this forum for how to find out what your graphics adapter is, and what version the driver is - for example
Open the Device manager - to get there: Go to the Start menu. Either open it through the Control Panel or search for it. Once there, go to the Display adapters > r-click on your graphics card > Properties > Driver. What is your info about card and driver?

There are many posts in this forum about the enhanced graphics adapter and driver requirements for SU 2017, which now requires OpenGL v3.0 as a minimum.

What does update your Intel 4600 driver mean? Did you get the update from your computer manufacturer? That’s the best place.

Did you try SU2017’s new Checkup program? Did it say your computer could run SU?

Did you try to install SU by r-clicking on installer > Run as administrator? Same with VC++ update you downloaded separately?

Intel (R) Core ™ i5-4210M CPU @2.60GHz
(RAM) 8.00GB
63bit OS x 64 - based processor

Yes I received the update from HP for the intel 4600.
I did not try the check up program.
I will.

I just ran checkup and it stopped working

“A problem caused the program to stop working currently.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

Just bought a new computer. SU works on it. If I purchase the pro version and upgrade to a mac next year can i transfer the license over to the new computer

My understanding is ‘yes, you can’. You remove the licence from one, and reinstall it on the other computer. And current licencing is the same for Windows and Mac. One Pro licence can be installed on two computers with the same owner, in any combination of Mac and Windows. But you can only run one copy at a time.