Unable to launch my.sketchup

Apparently my 2011 Macbook Pro with windows 10 in Bootcamp is not one of the systems you support.

Hello SketchUp Team!

This is great news indeed :slight_smile: Congratulations on moving P11 to Beta!
However, when I try to login, this is what I get:

I see no window where I could insert my address… but I received an email with data I should insert…

One side question - does this mean that we can now speak about my.sketchup.com publicly?

Jernej from Modelur

On another thread it says we can share the URL publicly.

Hi August,

and thanks for a quick reply!

I’ve also seen that in the meanwhile SketchUp Team also shared the news via their twitter profile…


Also waiting for reply to request to join the beta programme. Was part of beta testing for both SU 1016, and Project 11.

First requested over 24 hours ago. Re-requested using different email (the one I log in to Google with) a few minutes ago.

We’re processing invites in waves, so it may be a couple days before your address receives a formal invitation. If you added a second address, you’ll (eventually) receive a second invite. You may want to be selective about the address you choose to sign in with, as it will form the basis of the “TrimbleID” that defines where your models are going to be saved.


Thanks for the info.

Not sure which address is best to use - one is a gmail address, but that isn’t the one I used long ago (before I had a gmail address) to set up my Google login.

The gmail one is what I use for Sketchup forum, and used for Beta program participation.

I can use gmail address on my phone, but the other gets too much spam.

Will it matter from the Trimble login point of view, which I use?

I was able to launch my.sketchup without entering my email! I’m betting my.sketchup picked up my forum login from another open tab in my browsers.

My.Sketchup works great in Mac / Chrome…Wonder why it was hanging in Bootcamp?

update the video driver (for further info search and run “dxdiag > Display”).

We still have some WebGL compatibility issues on systems that only provide the minimum features required by the WebGL spec. Our goal is to be able to run on any system that is WebGL-compatible, but we currently cannot.

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I get the same message, in Chrome Windows 10.
Try launching in Firefox. I noticed that Java was asking for permission to launch from FF. Chrome has discontinued Java support. my.sketchup ran fine in Firefox. Chrome issue? Launched in IE and MS Edge, although warning messages about not being optimized.

Possibly making some assumptions here. But it did run in Firefox.
I’m only running Java, to enable me to access Freemind Mind maps.
I’d prefer to get rid of Java, so will do so when I export my Mind maps to another format. Can you confirm whether Java is actually required?

Oracle Java /= JavaScript which is supported by every common browser (besides disabled).

I got the “invite” but have not been able to successfully login. I am not sure what to do next.

I got to the login page once but now do not seem to be able to get to it again. I also tried by clicking the login to Google but that is a different email address and it did not work either.

Need some help…