Unable to highlight anything

I’ve just changed over my laptop (exact same spec as my last one), re-installed SketchUp Pro and have found I have highlight anything, faces, lines, nothing. It makes it really tricky to extrude stuff as the highlight tool doesn’t identify the face either.

I read on another thread that switching fast feedback off would help but no joy.

Anyone know a fix for this?


Which version of SketchUp?

When you installed it, did you do it correctly using Run as administrator from the context menu?(right click on the installer file.) If not, do so.

Did you make sure your graphics drivers are up to date? If not, do so.

It’s the very latest version as downloaded yesterday.

It was run as administrator and everything is up to date.

and it turns out, nothing will download from 3D Warehouse either!

What is the “very latest”?

What was run as administrator? Did you install SketchUp by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator? It’s important to note that logging into your computer as administrator is not the same as running an installer using Run as administrator.

Did you update the graphics drivers?

Does your computer also have Intel HD graphics? Are you sure it is using the nVidia card for SketchUp?

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