Unable to find frozen layers from Autocad on my model

Hi all. I have some frozen and hidden layers on AutoCAD which i cant find it on sketchup after importing it over. its giving me problems in having all the additional edges and lines on my other layers.

May i know how could i view these frozen layers on sketchup so that i could delete them? Please help, urgent!

It’s hard to advise you without seeing it.
Could you attach the model.

and possibly the DWG file you are importing.
Basically the SketchUp importer doesn’t care if layers are on or off or frozen, and you should see the same list of layers in the Sketchup Layers tray. That is also the place for deleting the unnecessary layers.
Of course, you can always prepare the file beforehand in AutoCad, for instance by hiding everything you don’t want to import into SketchUp, seleting what you want and WBLOCKing them into a new separate file.