Unable to draw lines

I must have changed a style setting inadvertently but I can’t draw lines on surfaces. My drawing is fairly basic. Wanting to punch openings in elevations and add windows. cant seem to draw shape on the elevations?

i have SUPro 2022

Please share the file for others to see what is going on.
Guessing consumes time.

A guess is View>Edge Style>Edges. We would need to see your model tell you what’s happening.

Edge style wins the prize. Tx very much. In the old days when a mistake was discovered, out came the eraser. With computers a small mistake can permeate the whole drawing so one might as well begin again. :frowning:


On the bright side, when was the last time you erased a hole in your computer display? :crazy_face:

It’s good that it was a simple fix but you’re absolutely right about a small mistake having a large impact on your work.