Unable to create openings after already successfully creating some the same way?


I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with the issue I have creating openings. I’ve already created multiple but then coming to one of the sections I’m just unable to no matter what I try. I’ve followed many guides trying to solve this but none have helped so any advice would be really useful!

Hamster Cage.skp (276.0 KB)

Context, context, context, the three most important words in sketchup.
You must be in the correct context.
Your ‘hole’ is outside the context of the Component, you need to double click twice to get to the raw geometry.
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And there was me thinking it was “save, save,save!” :rofl:

By the way, why did you re-draw the rectangle rather than use paste in place after deleting the rectangle and opening the component for editing?

I’m not sure what the issue is but I’m genuinely doing that? I double click to enter the edit component stage and it looks as though I’m doing exactly what you’re doing above but does not seem to be working at all. I’ve used this method for all of the other openings within the model and it’s been fine but not for this one - I’ve tried restarting sketchup too but no difference. I do really appreciate the help though, it just doesn’t seem to be working in this instance - I don’t suppose there are any suggestions otherwise?

You have double wrapped the component. So you need to double click, then double click again to get all the way in.
Or better still, select the component and explode it so it is not nested any more.

Ah, thank you so much! It’s worked now, apologies for misunderstanding you! Thanks so much again!

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Cut and paste in place is another ‘skill’ didn’t want to confuse the issue. Much better to go just with the basics at that point.

No, my fault I should have been clearer in my answer, I didn’t mention the double wrapping and should have.

Thought as much.
Are you still posting on FB - haven’t seen anything lately?

Yes I have been, as recently as 2 hours ago.
Facebook isn’t very good at keeping you in people feed if you don’t pay them to do it.

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