Unable to change modeling settings

Hi. I am using Pro 2022. I am unable to change the modeling settings in the style tab. I can change edge settings and background settings. I am trying to change the section fill color on my floorplans/sections

I was getting a notice when opening sketchup about multiple GPU’s when this problem started. I just went into my settings and “forced” sketchup to use the Nvidia GPU. I dont get the notice about multiple GPU’s but I still cannot change my modeling settings. Thanks for any advice

Lambrecht Gustafson Existing 12.16.2020.skp (523.4 KB)

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Changing the color of the fill works fine for me. Can you show what you are doing?


Thanks @DaveR . My “Choose Color” pop up window was popping up somewhere off screen- where I could not see it. I re-did the setup on my screens and am back to “normal”. Thanks for your help!

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