Ultimate Newbie issue - getting Logitech i345 3-button mouse to work on iPad?

Newly learning Sketchup via web. Bought a Logitech i345 3-button mouse. Working on iPad Pro; iOS v. 14.4. Using either Safari (Daylight v, 31.) or Chrome. For model navigation (orbit, pan, zoom), I can select one of those tools from the left-side menu, which then works when I hold down left mouse button and move mouse. But, for the life of me, I cannot select orbit, pan or zoom using just the mouse buttons, without having to use the left-side menu - which defeats the efficiency purpose, right? Advice? Thank you.

SketchUp web is not officially supported on iPad. It can be made to limp along with some limited functionally, but AFAIK there is no mouse support.

Thank you kindly for responding/info.

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