UI/UX Request: Leave Export downloads notification or use browser notifications


It might be a good idea to either leave the Export notification open with a close button or have browser push notifications so the user can continue working elsewhere and return when he/she needs to download the export files.

There’s a healthy amount of time lost, especially during testing or many object exports, clicking the flyout navigation, clicking IMPORTS/EXPORTS, hovering over the last asset (which needs higher visibility for ready status assets), and then clicking download.

On the desktop version, it’s one click but I do understand the server conversions on the backend.

I’m sure it’s upcoming (I was going crazy with another UX issue that was patched) but I thought I’d add it.


Hey Nick,

To clarify: it sounds like you are heading off to another tab (or closing your machine) after clicking upload. So, in that case, you might be missing the notification that fires when your exported file is complete. Is that about right?

Thanks for clarifying!


Hi Mark,

Thank you for replying!

Yep, certain exports take different times (e.g. 20 seconds vs 3-5 minutes) so I may continue working or whatever else in that timeframe. Usually, I just need to export something quickly and go back and forth between tabs/software. The window for display time is quite small, so even while staring at SketchUp’s tab, I have missed it.

Extending the timing is probably the easiest front-end fix but having a close action (i.e. the classic “X”) might simplify the whole experience.