UI::Notification cutting off text on Mac

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I’m working on an extension that is going to be used on Mac (but only have Windows myself). In SketchUp 2018 it seems long notifications are cut off. Does anyone know if this has been fixed for 2019? What is the result of this snippet on Mac?

  "Some multiline info:\n\n"\
  "First part of info...\n"\
  "Second part of info...\n"\
  "Third part of info...\n"\
  "Forth part of info...\n"

SketchUp 2019 on Win 10:



Is this SketchUp 2019?

Mac inputbox trims long prompt lines but is helped by putting lots of trailing spaces on first line.

I’ll try a Notification on mac shortly to see if behaves the same or similarly

yes that’s v19…

in v18

Some really really really long multiline info:
First part of info... 
Second part of info...
Third part of info...
Forth part of info..."

gives the first three lines, but the same full width…

with the \n's you only see the top line…


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I can confirm what @john_drivenupthewall says.

In SU 2019, you get all of the Notification message - full length first line, and all of the other lines.

In SU 2018, you get the full length first line, but only the first three lines of the notification. You don’t get Third… and Fo(u)rth … lines.

In SU 2017 you get the same as in SU2018.

In SU 2016 (and I guess earlier) it doesn’t work at all. Error message "Error: #<NameError: uninitialized constant UI::Notification>

:in `'"

I couldn’t initially find UI.Notification in the Ruby API documentation, but eventually came across it. It isn’t supported at all until v2017.

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