UI.inputbox runs off the screen


I ran into a slight problem while trying to incorporate a dropdown selection. There are 86 entries in the list and I can only get to number 64. Before I try to fix something that may not be broken, I thought I would ask here for advice


This is a well know limitation of inputbox.
You need to devise an equivalent webdialog to allow easy use of very long lists.

However, all is not lost - here’s what I’d do with the inputbox solution…
First sort the list of items [use array.sort! before joining with ‘|’]
It’ll make finding something much easier.
Then if the user is looking for say ‘White’ and it’s too near the end to be seen, if he selects the list and types a W the list jumps down to the first list item starting with W - say ‘Wheat’, he can then use the down-arrow press to navigate until ‘White’ is selected.
Another way is to limit the list length to something you know will fit.
Make the first dialog with just two options limited by start of name - perhaps A-M and N-Z -
If the user chooses A-M the second dialog which follows is a list of items starting with A-M etc…
Or even make two or more drop-down lists in the one dialog - say A-M and N-Z, where those lengths are known to fit…

A webdialog with a list that’s scrollable is quite easy - see the SketchUcation PluginsManager as an example…


Thanks, TIG … I think it’s time for me to move on beyond the limitations of the UI.inputbox :wink: