Uganda Aeronautical University



I would like to get someone to help me make designs for the university that I am going to construct( Uganda Aeronautical University). With a run way a terminal building and large buildings for lectures and practical work plus hangers


So you want to hire someone to do the modeling? What information can you provide for the project? What do you plan to pay?


Yes that’s correct


Its going to be located in Kabale Uganda with state of the art lecture rooms office buildings for various organizations, a number of hostel buildings for students, hanger, terminal building with a run way plus the characteristics of a modern university like swimming pool football pitch netball volleyball, dinning area etc


its going to cover a large area




Sounds interesting…Can do the model in sketchup if you want.
1.We would need the autocad drawings of the entire site and the buildings.
2.Once we have a look at those we would be able to quote a price.
3.Also let us know the time lines.
4.Are you looking for just the sketchup model or do you want it rendered as well?
5.If you have any reference images it would help us to work in the right direction.


okay I will ask my Deputy to send all that you need


I am just finishing up with a marathon preparation then I will get back to you


Did you go to Merryland High School?



I guess the building has already been designed ?

Is it a government project?

Just curious.

Is there an architectural firm which has designed this complex?



Yes how do you know that??


It is a joint project, I asked my deputy to get an architect but he has not yet confirmed so I am just trying to see another alternative in case he fails


I was just assuming.
We are an architectural firm here in India since and would be able to help.


please send me your email and we see how to get in touch


Do you do construction too??


Because I would wish to hire one company to do everything


Yes …we have partners who do construction as well.
I guess once we have a look at the project brief, we would be able to comment further.


please send me your email,