Typing in diameter


how to type in diameter in circle tool? i tried to type dimension followed by /2 but when there is decimal nuber it does not work e.g. 21,7/2. so how to fix that or any other way? thanks!


I suppose you could draw a line whose length is the desired diameter, then start your circle from the midpoint of of said line.



You can enter 10,85 as the radius and the circle will be transformed to a circle with a diameter of 21,7.
(Sorry, there is no direct way).


The value control box does currently not parse mixed input (fractions and decimals), but it’s an often requested feature. You would have to do the math on your own.
What about shifting the decimal:


To reinforce what Cotty said, the VCB does not do calculations or evaluate expressions. It happens to understand fractions such as “27 1/2”, but that is not the same as doing division.

Aerilius and I crossed posts!


It will work for metric units (only?) and without comma (e.g. you can type 105/2 for the radius).


That works because all of the numbers are integers, that is x/y is a rational number when x and y are both integers - which is what SketchUp’s VCB is designed to parse. It will work with any units. But if x or y is not integer, SketchUp doesn’t understand the expression.


it not as straight forward as it appears, some decimals work, some times…
somethings wrong…



John, I think if you measure the circle after typing that you will find that the “/2” part was ignored. The new radius is the decimal part before the “/”, i.e. 2.83


@slbaumgartner, I can see that, but it just shouldn’t tell me some are ‘bad’ then seemingly allow others [as if good]