Typed dimensions not working when moving objects

I have been using the web version for 6 months so I have become somewhat proficient. Recently I think there was an update that may have some issues. When I try to select objects and move them and then type a dimension on the keyboard the item disappears. I am trying to move an item exactly 1 inch. In the past I could simply select an item, move it a little bit in the direction I wanted, and then type 1 and it would move exactly one inch. it was a beautiful thing. But now that does not seem to work. It doesn’t even wait for me to hit enter. As soon as I press 1 it disappears.

I am using Windows 10 (64 bit version) and my browser is Microsoft Edge. I have uploaded the file if that helps.

Jakes Nightstand.skp (339.6 KB)

Try using Chrome instead of Edge.

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We’re investigating this issue. In the short term, I would recommend trying Chrome. (Please let me know if that works or doesn’t for you). Sorry about the inconvenience!

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I just installed Chrome. And this issue does not exist in Chrome. It works as expected. thanks for the help. However, I don’t think this is a healthy thing for the app. It should not work differently in different browsers. thanks again for helping though.

It was working. Evidently Microsoft has made a change to Edge that affected this in SketchUp. The SketchUp developers will certainly be on this to try to rectify the problem. Considering how frequently Microsoft pushes updates, I don’t envy the SketchUp developers. They continually have to fix problems created by the browser updates. Hitting a moving target.

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The daily build of Edge (called Canary) doesn’t show the problems:


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