Two storey project, groups and components issues

I am learning Sketchup now
doing the 2015 Udemy course
I am having trouble with groups and components.

I have set up first and second-floor groups and when I put the stairs in they don’t show up on both groups to see them I had to “paste in place” but that’s not working because now I have to make two staircases and railing and everything and it won’t transfer over to the other group (2nd floor to 1st floor). How do I fix this so that I don’t have two sets of stairs to build?

Groups are individual, Components are repeated instances.
So a staircase won’t appear in a second Group, but it will in a second Component.

I don’t see a reason to make two staircases. You may however want to group the staircase and assign it to a tag so you can choose to show it or not in different scenes

Thank You that is what I was looking for. Assigning a group to a tag to see in different scenes. much appreciated!

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Like their predecessor layers, tags do not own, collect, or isolate anything. They are visibility controls to which multiple objects can refer so that they switch on and off at the same time. To keep your understanding of this straight, I recommend you say “apply a tag to a group”, not “assign a group to a tag”.

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Just for clarity on my comment. No layers or tags involved here.
Just the difference between groups and components.
Group v Comp

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In addition you might get some more tips The learning Center