Two point arc tool w/bulge // rounding~radius-ing corners 2015 Pro vs. 2013 Pro

Hello All and not an issue but more of an observation. I just installed 2015 Pro two days ago and coming from 2013 Pro edu. license. So with a year of use and using the arc tool, the only one in 2013 was two point with bulge. In using it in 2015 Pro if I draw a rect. 3/4" x 1-1/2" and run a guide line for a 3/16" radius of the corners. When I set the first point and use inferencing to get “magenta” tangent to edge. When I set the second point with a double click, it cut the corner automatically. The first click sets the second point of the arc and the second click is for setting the bulge. If I don`t want it cut I have to pull it off the edge and come back to. Just curious if this is designed that way or what?? I was making a manifold piece with a rect. as the bolting flange. I wanted the rounded inner portion, a scaled down flute to attach to a carburetor for a 50cc two cycle. Just was not expecting that and it does save a step IF you want them cut off. In 2013 you had to go back with eraser or select delete each one. Being I wanted to use them it had me scratching my head as to what was going on. Did not add file because it it in the tools actual use~movements. Thanks and just curious if this is the improved feature of this arc tool…Peace…

Just to add it only does it while still on the ground plane, if I use push/pull and bring the rectagle up a 1/4" or so it just draws the arc and does not cut them …HUM?

Yes it’s a handy new feature that lets you speed up filleting. It helps with a lot of things.
A simple double click near the next corner will repeat the action.
If you don’t want it to cut, just slide off magenta and back on then click the second point.
If three edges come together it won’t cut.

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Thanks!! It took a year to get the hang of it (2013) so now getting the feel for this edition will be easier. Also like not having to deal with .rbz, .rb or .rbs files. With the Warehouses click and install or SketchUcation Auto-install feature for plug-ins // extensions. I started with SU 8 and I mostly used “stock” tools because too confused with un-zipping and then trying to find them!! Thanks for the help and very happy so far, the edu. license was only $49.00 for a year. So I started stashed away $25.00 a month while using it to cover this ones full cost. Then difference is a X-mas gift to me, thanks again, happy modeling and…Peace…

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