Two Part 3d Printing for Dual Extruders advice requested

Hi All
I am looking to make objects in Sketchup using my Dual extruder 3D printer. For example, I would like to make a dog id tag. So, for this example, say the dog tag shape is a bone. maybe 2 inches in length. This would be accomplished by one of the extruders. Then, using the second extruder, I would extrude the name of the dog in the center of the id tag. I will be putting the name in a different color or different material.

I am having trouble finding tutorials for this probably because I do not know what to call this process.
Can this type of thing be accomplished in Sketchup 2015? If so, can you direct me to the tutorials?

Thank you

Most dual extruder printers require that you provide two separate STL files. If you export your bone into one file and the letters into another, you can assign them to extruder 1 and extruder 2.

A simple example using a MakerBot Replicator Dual:

Next add the BONE.STL file and select the right extruder:

Then add the FIFI.STL file and select the left extruder:

The choice of whether to use the left or the right extruder depends solely on which color filaments you have in each.

After post-processing into G codes:

The model is attached here: fifi.skp (202.1 KB)

Thank you Jim…
Is that sketchup your using in the example or a slicer program?

If I understand you correctly, are you creating two separate files in sketchup, then exporting them to .stl files, then puting them together in a slicer program?

Just trying to understand the process.
Thank you again.

Never mind Jim…I figured out how to merge them.
Thank you for the guidence. It helped a lot!

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