Tutorials Sound Volume Too Low to Be Understood

In trying to be independent and learn without bugging the experts here, I followed links to the YouTube tutorials. When I activated them, I found the volume to be so low that I could not hear the voice over instructions. I checked to see that the YouTube volume slider was maximized and checked the system volume slider to find it, too, maximized. My speaker volume is correct for other Internet audio sources and for music that I play.

If this is not a bug, what do I need to know to overcome this problem? The tutorials are useless to me if I cannot find a fix. Have others reported this?

Could you give a link to a specific video which has low volume? I’ll try it and see if I get the same result.

So I just stopped by the YouTube SketchUp Channel, and since you didn’t mention any any particular videos, I played a few at random. They were all loud and clear.

That would seem to eliminate a problem with the site. Are your audio (and other) drivers up to date? Have you experienced any other audio anomalies?


Here is the link to the YouTube that I referenced.

Tutorial Session 1, I think.

Clear as a bell for me.

I can hear it just fine, too.

I’m more than 40% deaf and have my mac set up to accommodate for that…

the maximum volume I can get from this particular clip is very low and I needed to turn up the volume for the first time in at least 2 years…

I think the baseline should be higher as it’s easy to turn volume down, but impossible to turn up above maximum…

I have mine set to 11 just like in Spinal Tap…


Thanks for the responses. I can just barely hear it but only if there is no other sound around. I agree with John, the base volume too low. I have to admit though that my ears are in their 8th decade which might be a contributing factor. The point I would make is that I don’t have problems with other YouTubes. Set the volume higher, please, and let those of us who find it too loud reduce the volume at their end.