Turn Texture / Material on and off

In watching various videos done by Aaron, it appears that he is able to quickly turn an object’s texture/material on and off. I know that he is using the Mac version of SU, but is there an equivalent way of doing this in the PC versions? How is this done so quickly?

He probably has shortcuts to the View menu options for Face Style.

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Use the Styles toolbar if you don’t want to tie up keyboard shortcuts for that.


Just to be clear, the switch is between “Shaded With Textures” and “Monochrome” in the Styles menu. Correct?

And are the View menu selections that same as the Styles toolbar? That is, when
“Shaded With Textures” is picked from the Styles toolbar, the same things happen as when the View menu “Shaded With Textures” is selected. They appear to.


PS: This is still related to the gate leg table.

Thanks, John.

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Thanks, Dave.

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It could be switching between any of the different Styles options.


I am having some difficulties with getting the Texture menu to show up for an entity - right mouse doesn’t seem to bring up a menu with texture as an option when the entity is a group. Sometimes it seems to work if it is a component. Can you point me to a good tutorial or Skill Builder?

The Texture context menu item only shows up when you right click on a face that has a texture on it. If you’ve painted the group or you are only right clicking on a group, there’s no option for setting texture position. The group must be open for editing so you can right click on a single textured face.The same applies if you right click on a surface made of more than one face.

As for a tutorial, here’s one I’ve done that shows how I make wood grain textures and then apply them in a model. Maybe it will help.

Thanks, Dave!


Could you please re-send the link to your texture tutorial. I think I waited too long to get to it, and it just takes me to the Sketchucation main page.

Sorry. My error. Trying to multitask. :wink:

I fixed the link above and provide it here as well.

WOW! Fine Woodworking! I hadn’t seen a Fine Woodworking for a long, long time. That was my favorite back in the day - Tage Frid, etc.

A great magazine, and I kept every issue.

Thanks for re-sending the link.

PS: Here’s my table …

Pretty nice. Good work.