Turn off this odd (yet cool) transparency setting

Hi folks,

I have pressed something which has now allowed me to see all the other objects geometry.
It’s very useful but how do I turn it on/off?

Press K again.

What you are seeing are called Back Edges. k is the keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off.

Please complete your profile. And ‘Drone’ is not a graphics card.

Just press K. Brilliant. Thank you

(profile now updated as best I could!)

You’re welcome.

Moved your post to the right category.

Out of curiosity, I prefer thiese are solar panels. Are you putting these on your land? Building the structure yourself?

Yes on all counts. Structure is a shed / garage / other at the back of the garden with 6.8KW PV on it which is connected to 5KW inverter (overspeced for winter) and around 7KW/h batteries.
I will be building it myself too. (and hopefully not rebuilding after the first slight breeze :smile: )


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