Turn off automatic next scene display when deleting scene


I’m using the Match Photo feature to set up architectural scenes in my model in order to align similar elements of geometry using a template from one scene to the next so that as a suit of renders they appear cohesive.

I’ve read previous threads on toggling the visibility of the Matched Photo off in the style editor but this means the Match Photo feature is still active and this is preventing the Safe frame feature in V-Ray from working… for some reason… no idea why.

As a work around I need to delete the Matched Photo scene and recreate it as a regular scene. This adjusts the view ever so slightly but if I follow the same process for all they should still remain consistent.

The problem I’m having is that when I delete the scene it cycles to the previous scene in the sequence and I lose the camera location. When there are no other scenes in the model it works fine, but I have 5 scenes to create in one model so therefore scene 2, 3, 4 & 5 can’t be created.

I’ve tried using Eneroth’s Camera Memory Plugin to create each scene in a model with an empty scene list and then copy it across but this doesn’t replicate the exact set up.

Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t think there’s any option to suppress the next scene display thing. If you create a new scene using the same camera position you can then delete the Match Photo scene without changing camera position. Maybe that will help with the. That new scene should match the Match Photo scene exactly. At least it does on my machine.

Thanks for the quick response. I thought as much.

When I create a new scene with the camera position of the match photo scene active it just duplicates the match photo too, so still left with the same issue. It seems that a few people have needed the same function to toggle the match photo feature off once the view position is set up. It would be good to see this incorporated.

Likewise, V-Ray should take a look at why Safe Frame isn’t working because it works under Two Point Perspective with is essentially a similar camera state, in that it temporarily distorts the view slightly… for a different forum though.

New workaround to exit Match Photo -press the z-key to display the field of view in the bottom right, then retype the exact same value and the Match Photo elements disappear without adjusting the camera setup at all.