Trying to use SketchUp Make 2017 - Won't Work

Absolutely…got a blue warning box that the program wanted to change something in my computer and I allowed it…then nothing happened.

Do you have an anti-virus program running?

Yes sir…

Try disabling it temporarily and install SketchUp.

Also edit your profile and put in the correct information.

Will do! Thanks so much for the help…I*'ll get back to you shortly

Hi there…
Downloaded it again with all Virus/Firewall stuff OFF…no joy. Clicked (right clicked) on ICON…again got the box that the program wanted access to the computer…clicked YES.
Nothing happened.

As a side note…I also tried downloading the Sketchup Pro 2017 trial software…that loaded perfectly! It appears that only the free version does’t work…

Did you go through this before you started downloading SketchUp Make?

yes sir

selected “personal projects”

Well, for the moment you have SketchUp running. I think we’ll need someone from the team to offer some suggestions as to what might be the issue.

Yes please…how can I get help from the SketchUp Team?

Wait and see if they chime in on this thread tomorrow.

Thank you!

Well I guess nobody from SketchUp wants to help. I was going to use this as a test for actually purchasing the product, but given that their tech support is not interested in helping me with this, then I shall move on to another product.

It’s unfortunate that you still haven’t fixed your profile to make it clear exactly what your system set up is. I asked you to correct it two days ago but you haven’t done it. Knowing the operating system version and the graphics card in your computer could help get you some assistance. I guess it’s too late now and you’ve moved on.

I updated my info. Windows 8 OS ad Intel® HD Graphics Family…that’s all I know

We need more info about your graphics hardware

There’s some notable changes with SU17 - OpenGL 3.0 is required and only hardware acceleration is supported. This requirement centers around your graphic hardware and its driver which supplies the OpenGL functionality.

Thanks Catamountain…
I am happy to provide any info I can…so how do I do that? LOL

BTW I run a PC…NOT a Mac. :slight_smile: