Trying To Stir Up The Gallery

DaveR is the man.

As many other people here as well. Hoping one day I’ll know half of the stuff you guys do.

I’ve been using the free Thea version for a while, but I don’t really care for the watermark that gets pasted across the image. Thursday evening, I finally got around to getting Kerkythea installed and set up with the SU2KT plugin. My initial goal was to create a rendered animation of my Wankel rotor and housing, but I got sidetracked learning the ins-and-out of the software itself. Here’s what I worked on today (I can appreciate your wonderful work with making realistic wood finishes in your renderings)


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Not bad for learning the program.

It does help to use real wood for the textures. :wink:

A Danish skrivbord in African mahogany. I made textures of six planks from the same log so there was plenty of “wood” to choose from. There’s a bit of ribbon grain on the legs which makes it look like the grain is running crosswise.


Work in progress… needs some fine tuning with Materials /Textures but with more practice and time. It will come, being done properly is a priority over cosmetics. An option to install will be a fluted brass rod that brakes into three ornamental bulbs / globes for a end table~reader. And a big thanks to this guy at Fine Wood Oh, Hey Dave!! THANKS for your time and insight…Peace…

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Frankly, I always find it slightly odd to see an article of furniture displayed with shadows turned on, like it was left outside in the sun.


I’ve been know to take the stuff I make outside to photograph…

Do you have no lights in your house.

Sure, but they don’t cast hard-edged shadows like the sun does. Most of the lighting in my house is indirect and has an altogether different, softer appearance than direct sunlight. Also, the sun is a single-direction light source, whereas indoor lighting generally comes from multiple sources, resulting in more diffuse shadows and less contrast.

I hadn’t anticipated much controversy on this point, but go figure.


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You do make a good point and they can take away from some of details or in a sense make it look cheesy.
Which raised the point they can help enhance or help adjust its appearance. As an option without having to open the material to edit, or apply small tweak(s) to them. That you cant do with from with in the material editing features. As you increase your knowledge so goes your options…

That’s like saying the food was bad but the portions were big.


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That’s not always a bad thing. :smiley:

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We have a $5.95 all you “care” to eat buffet place here called Duff`s. Dont know whats going on in the back but it is dam good. Straight up home cooking with all the truck stop flare you can handle.

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Correct me if I’m wrong Dave, but wasn’t the point of your thread to showcase your work and get others to do the same in threads of their own.

“…but wasn’t the point of your thread to showcase your work and get others to do the same in threads of their own.”

Mostly I was hoping more people would share their work. It has drifted a bit. Maybe someone else will post an example of their work and bring it back in line. i don’t care if others post examples of their work in this thread or in their own. As long as they do post.

I didn’t want it to be Dave specific. I’d like more members to post their work. You should, too.

Maybe I should delete a bunch of my posts, instead.

Sorry. I misread his post. I’m fine with others posting their work in this thread if it gets them to do it.

I edited that post.

My point was that one thread does not a stirred up gallery make.

A Dave thread, A cotty thread etc etc does. Chat as much as you like within the threads but don’t throw them all into one. Make a gallery to explore not a thread to wade through.

I will try to upload more images, but I’m used to post in the SketchUcation gallery and together with my own gallery, they will be visible at 3 places, perhaps this bores one or the other…

I see your point, Box.

OK, everybody. Make your own threads to share your work in the Gallery. just do it.

Cotty, you’ll catch more viewers by posting here as well as there.

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