Trying To Stir Up The Gallery

More people should post examples of their work here.

Here’s something from a couple of months ago. It’s based on a Swedish-built bench from the mid-1800s.

The textures are made from photos of real pine boards. As I usually do, I made three or four pine textures from the same large log so they match in color and grain. I think these were around 12 feet long so there’s plenty of “wood” to choose from.


Awesome. Was the rendering done in SU?

Thanks. The rendering was done with Kerkythea. There are a number of great renderers that run in SketchUp but I prefer a stand alone rendering application because it allows me to render in the background while I continue working in SketchUp.

Hi Dave. Great images.

Quality textures can really bring a model to life. Do you take your own photos for the textures?

Hi Jim,

Thank you. I agree, the textures have a big impact on the appearance. I take some of the images I use while some are from other sources.

Great work as usual Dave.

I absolutely love your wood textures — so much that I would buy a Woodworking Texture Pack from you. Have you given any thought to making one available: either through the Extension Warehouse and/or through Sketchucation?

Nice :smile:

Since most rendering programs do not display SU edges in the final output, did you do some post rendering work with a linework layer?

db11, Thank you. I’ll give some thought to your idea.

Thank you Chris. You’re right rendering programs don’t display SU edges and at least in my case, without them, some details can get lost. I make a hidden line export, usually with one of my sketchy styles, at some large size–maybe 5000 or 6000 pixels wide. Then I resize that image to the same size as the rendered image. This gives me very thin lines which I like because they aren’t usually so overwhelming. Since I’m making the render using the scene as the camera, combining the hidden line image and render is dead simple.

It’s a great technique, Dave! Another example …


that’s pretty cool, carsten. I like that.

I’ll jump in with a cupola drawn and built for a customer’s horse barn earlier this year.


Nice. So how are the horses supposed to get up there?


By jumping, of course.


Speaking of horses … I just had to slip this one in there. Not only did he get around the prohibiting build ordnance, I heard he used SU to develop the plans… honest no bull!!

Yes, it smells like push-pull… :wink:

Great rendering.

I post my work on Google+ to the SketchUp community, its tough to remember all the different communities that you can share your work on.

Here is a mission coffee table I modeled earlier this year

Sure has a lot of drawers for a coffee table.


It does. I think I was drawn to it because my wife keeps saying we need more storage solutions (I think we need to get rid of the kids’ stuff).

The drawers are actually dynamic, when you click on them they’ll open and close.

Hey there. Here’s a link to a recent SketchUp project:


Greg, that looks very nice.