Trying to open older (large) files

Hi All, very new to this site. Hadn’t been using Sketchup for some time and now needed to open/use files I’d created with 2017.
Downloaded 2022 but keeps telling me “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model”. I then downloaded a 2017 .dmg and loaded it, thinking my perpetual license I purchased for USD$695 should still work (apparently no). And still can’t open these files?

The SU2022 version should have no problem opening the older version of .skp file. Unless a file is broken or really not an .skp file.

Share your file here, then someone can check what’s going on…
If the file size is too big to drop into your post, use Cloud service and share the link.

The old SU 2017 license should work, but it could be the same problem as in this thread.

Recently in Trimble there is a problem with SU license servers, which can be seen in the number of threads describing difficulties with the license and logging in.

Here is the file. It’s big (as I saved all my examples of things in it).

The file is corrupted. Contains only zeros.

I’ve got several other versions, hopefully they aren’t all corrupted:

Buggered if they all are!

Some reason I could not download the first file, but OZ SOCOMD FOB Basic Units.skp is contains only zeros too :frowning:

You’re out of luck :frowning: but if those were components, Colin can get them back.

@colin can do some impossible things, but even he can’t perform miracles… I guess :wink:

Not this time. All three files are filled with zeros.