Trying to migrate SKP2016Pro to new laptop - license wont remove or add new

I bought a perpetual license to Sketchup Pro 2015 and a years support back in 2015 and received the 2016 version as part of the support. Since then I have retired but still use SKP occasionally with 3d printing of designed components and helping plan changes to my sailboat, that is to say light and occasional use which does not justify the expense of a subscription when 2016 will do everything I want. I have my license info for both versions and the 2016 release. It will install ok but when I attempt to add my license it lets me enter the details and then just clears the pane and hangs when I submit. On my old laptop it insists on telling me that I am not connected to the internet when I try to remove the licence, even though I patently am and can search with browser. I’m adding this as a new post as much time has passed since previous similar and the responses are probably no longer relevant.

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