Trying to make "temporary" components - Ruby?

I’ve created a full-time job programming DCs and seeing how much I can make SU do for the companies I work with. I’d consider myself almost a professional with DC programming, yet know virtually nothing about the power of Ruby, which may have to be my next conquest.

I’m creating a ‘tutorial’ file for people who may not be familiar with SU. It will have a sample, dynamic model to play with and some prominent notes (3D text, ideally) and/or logos that 1. hide themselves, 2. resize and relocate themselves, or 3. delete themselves altogether when the user starts to manipulate the file in any way (zooming? panning? selecting a tool? moving a component?)

Anyone know a way that this can be done? Thanks in advance!

I know almost nothing about creating dynamic components, but I am not aware that they could run Ruby code. Ruby is a scripting language and would have the power to hamper with anything else in the model (not confined to the component) and on your computer. I doubt components can “ship” hidden Ruby code and auto-run it.

If you realize features in a Ruby plugin, users have to install the plugin first before they can get the full experience of your tutorial models.

Have you seen the self-paced tutorials?

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#3 is not possible. Objects cannot delete themselves.

1 and 2 are done with scenes and layers. As Aerilius says, look at what has come before.

Your point about Ruby makes sense, it’s for internal use, not external. There’s my first lesson in that…

Also, I hadn’t seen those tutorials before, no. They’re super adorable. Good job!

Scenes makes the most sense. I’ll play around a bit more before I give up. Thanks!

I have made some small tutorials in the past, using just Scenes to stage objects - toggling the visibility as needed.

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