Trying to create a self maintaining path. Can keep a line between nested components no matter where I move one relative to the other?

I have 2 of the same components nested within a component with a line in between and I would like to keep that line connected, no matter where I move either of the components. Is that possible?

I.e. the line must reside outside of the component that contains the nested components.

Alternatively, is there a plugin that would auto generate the path for me?

That’s interesting. How was that done? Oh, btw, I actually meant a line between nested components.

Oh, yeah. That makes sense, but isn’t what I need. I need to be able to move a component and have the line follow it. No external geometry. Thx anyway.

you can do it using dynamic components, but that is beyond 2017 make’s abilities

How would I do that? I’m currently evaluating Pro.

I have a few examples that I can dig out, but have to go to work now, give us a few hours

So what I am trying to do is create a self managing path. Here is an example of what I want. You can see the initial path at the beginning. I then move the component inside of the component. The path that I draw at the end is what I want the new path to be. The initial path would of course be not there as it would be updated to the new path.

There can be many points and from what I’ve seen of DCs, I don’t really want to fiddle with each lines scale and position individually, as that would become very tedious.

An alternative would be to have the path automatically generated, but that would require a script and I’ve not got into that yet.

This is a simple line to screen concept, move projector, the line realigns. Option to change screens

find screen.skp (134.4 KB)

Hmmmm. That’s interesting. How does it work?

Oh, I see. That’s interesting. I’ll see if I can use that. Thx.

Hmmm. Unless I can dynamically get the attributes from another component without using a dropdown list as you have done, I don’t see this working very well. Is there a way to indirectly reference a component?