Trying to auto renew licenses expiring today June 1

I am the account admin (new to our group) and there are multiple members on the account. 4 of the 5 licenses are set to expire today. Only 1 is set to auto renewal. Is there any way to change the 4 to auto renewal today before they expire? While our overall plan is set for auto renewal, the individual user product access for the 4 members shows as expiring today, not renewing tomorrow and it doesn’t allow me to modify it. Is that because auto renewal was not selected at the time of purchase for those 4 licenses?

It depends on how you purchased - did you purchase directly via web, or via a salesperson?

I was not the purchaser one year ago for the existing licenses which are now expiring so I don’t know if they were purchased via the web or a salesperson. Is there any chance since the Plan overall shows as set for auto renewal with a renewal date of tomorrow June 2 that these licenses will auto renew tomorrow (even though individually they are showing as expiring and not renewing)?

I would contact support directly - even if the license auto-renew, we have a 14-day refund window.

It looks like you may have solved the problem. I see four seats with the new subscription that started today. The users who had the individual subscriptions are already assigned a seat in the new subscription, except Michelle. The new subscription does still have one activation available.

I think as it stands you can let the existing four subscriptions expire, and if you need a fifth seat you can add it to the new subscription.

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Hi - yes, thank you. I waited until today to see which of the 5 existing expiring seats would remain active on the renewing subscription as of today and only one did. So I then added additional seats onto the renewed subscription and then aligned the other 4 members to those seats. So all seats are now used. I didn’t know how it would play out today but at least all our members did not have any interruption. I appreciate your support on this.

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