Truss Plugin/Extension


Version 2.1.3 - 12.31.2017

  • Enabled hurricane ties for fink and howe common trusses.


I usually placed the clips interior of the wall. Now days we only use screws spec’d by the truss mfg


The screws are becoming more popular these days. One fastener versus a clip and multiple fasteners, I think it makes sense just from a labor standpoint.


As another option I could provide the SDWC 15600 screw.


List of material suppliers and vendors featured in the Medeek Truss Plugin.


The last few days I’ve been spending some time tightening up the code for the attic truss module. I will be adding in the heel wedge and slider option for raised/energy heels for this truss type as well as bringing it up to speed with other options.

If I get ambitious I will also add in gable end trusses and plates.


Version 2.1.4 - 01.20.2018

  • Completed energy/raised heels for attic trusses (2 variants: wedge and slider).
  • Added floor sheathing and attic gypsum for attic trusses.
  • Created a separate HTML menu for advanced options of attic trusses.
  • Enabled gable end trusses for attic trusses.
  • Hurricane ties enabled for attic trusses.

The gable end trusses for attic truss sets currently do not have any vertical studs as of yet, however the actual truss component is unique and different from the common attic trusses.

I also need to add in some logic for the gable end wall framing which is still absent. I am curious if anyone has experience or examples of this framed out, do you use a single or double top plate? I don’t see a reason to use a double top plate in this situation.

Naturally the gable end wall may involve some windows or doors so there will be some overlap with the wall plugin, I am still thinking about how best to integrate the two plugins.

View model here:


the only issue one might have regarding a change in the bottom cords or top plates in walls is maintaining a plane for rat runs or corner braces


If you’re speaking of studing the gable, a couple ways come to mind. I would agree that a double plate probably isn’t needed.



Typical application involving an attic truss over a large open space like a garage.

View model here:


Thinking about attending the SketchUp 3DBasecamp (2018) this year, is anyone else planning on going?


Had to take a break from programming for a few days because of family reasons (ie. medical emergencies), sometimes life happens.

The break though has let me take a step back and reconsider some of the items on my various “todo” lists.

I’m beginning to realize that the plugin has quite a following in locations other than the US so it is imperative that the metric menus are fully up to speed with all of my imperial menus and options. I will be going back through my code and checking all of the metric menus to make sure that they are up-to-date.


Bill Allen sent me this model today, and gave me permission to post about it. The structure has the following assemblies:

(3) attic trusses
(2) common trusses
(1) mono pitch truss
(1) scissor truss
(1) tail bearing truss
(3) valley sets
(1) gable roof rafter set

I was really quite impressed by the complexity of the model and the various roof lines. This model is just one of a number of iterations.

View model here:


Slightly better render of the roof Bill Allen put together.


I’ve had an ongoing issue with Mac users who are running SU2018. I still have not determined the underlying cause but when the user enters in their serial number it will not save.

With SU 2018 the .plist file is no longer relevant and I think this may be why the plugin is having problems saving the serial number.

The current workaround is:

For Mac latest OS, you hold down the option key and then click GO menu. The Go Menu displays.
In the Go Menu there is a menu item named “Library”

Click on Library and the hidden library folder opens.

Then you can access application support, SketchUP2018/Sketchup/Plugins/PrivatePreferences.json.

OpenPrivatePreferences.json in BBEdit, add the license number and replace the word “TRIAL”, then save your changes and open SketchUP 2018 and check the plugins license status in the global settings.

I am currently working on a more permanent resolution for this problem.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused some of our Mac users and I hope to role out a resolution with the next version release.


Version 2.1.4b - 01.28.2018

  • Added a graphical user interface for (metric) advanced options of truss roofs.


Version 2.1.4b is only a slight modification, see new html (metric) menu below:

The advanced options have multiplied to the point that the simple UI doesn’t fit on many smaller screens, hence I have been moving many of the larger menus to the html variety to remedy this.

Additionally, the html menus give me the ability to customize the UI as much as I like and provide help text and graphics.


Worked on the license tab issue last night, I think I’ve got it fixed now, problem should be resolved for both Windows and Mac users

Please download the latest sub-release 2.1.4c and re-install the plugin.

I will slowly be switching to the new HtmlDialog which will mean that the plugin will no longer work on older versions of SketchUp (SU2016 and older).


I’ve decided to implement the new HtmlDialog but also keep the option to use the WebDialog as well for backward compatibility. The plugin will auto-detect if you are using SU2017 or new and then default to the new HtmlDialog menu.

What this means is that if you are using SU2016 or older on a Mac you will still have the non-blocking issue, however if you are using SU2017 or newer you will not be affected by this known issue with SU and the MacOS.


I’ve been making some progress on the advanced options for the gambrel attic truss. Since this type of roof has three different pitches it requires an entire rewrite of the advanced roof options module.

I’ve got the floor sheathing, fascia, rakeboard, roof sheathing and wall sheathing and cladding completed and working, see below:

The items still remaining are:

  • gutters
  • roof cladding and ridgecap
  • heelblocking
  • outlookers
  • gypsum

I am still debating on how best to handle the gable wall framing, same scenario for regular attic trusses, I may just wrap that into the upcoming wall plugin, I’m not sure yet.

Even though this truss type is quite specialized it seems to also be quite popular hence my efforts to bring it up to speed with the common and attic truss.

I am slowly trying to bring each truss type up to the level that the common truss type is and have all applicable advanced options available.

I have decided to eliminate roof returns for the gambrel attic truss type for now, at some later date I may entertain adding that feature in for this truss type.