Truss Plugin/Extension


Version 1.8.5 - 02.18.2017

  • Enabled roof cladding for dutch gable and TJI rafter roofs.
  • Added TJI rafter roofs with dual glulam beams.
  • Added Soffit Cut within Advanced Options for TJI Roof w/ GLB.

View model here:

First new roof type in added in quite a while. Lately I have been focusing most of my effort on cleaning things up and making sure all the options are working correctly for each roof type and configuration.

Soffit cuts with TJI (I-Joist) rafters gets a bit interesting but I’ve finally implemented it:


View model here:


Same house, just a lookout between the beams:

View model here:


If possible, I would prefer the studs laid off 16" o.c. from the outside corner and start from the same end on both sides of the house. Stacking joist over the studs would also be preferable.

Just a couple pet peeves



I’m using the Housebuilder plugin to create the walls, my own wall plugin is not quite ready for prime time. I agree, an accurately framed model would have the studs centered from the outside corner.


Having a little fun with Rayelectron rendering.



Renderings like these should be used for teaching future architects and engineers! It looks really good and shows the details more clearly than a photo would.



Version 1.8.5b - 02.23.2017

  • Addressed minor bug with “Front Only” gable end scissor trusses.
  • Addressed minor bug with soffit cuts and TJI rafter roofs with dual glulam beams.


Working on 2 ply and 3 ply headers as well as LSL headers:


Version 1.8.6 - 02.25.2017

  • Added 2x sawn lumber and LSL headers for Gable Dormers.
  • Enabled interior wall sheathing (Gypsum Wall Board) for Gable Dormers.
  • Enabled ceiling sheathing (Gypsum Wall Board) and ceiling battens for common trusses.


An example dormer created with the dormer tool and the gable roof created with the common truss tool. Note that I have enabled all of the cladding, sheathing and GWB in the global settings.

View model here:

When you select “YES” for the gypsum ceiling in the advanced options of common trusses and additional dialog is presented which then allows for manually adjusting the GWB thickness, ext. wall inset, and ceiling battens (size, spacing).

You will notice that in the global settings within the “Sheathing” tab a couple of new items have been added for Gypsum Sheathing.

Now I just need to enable ceiling sheathing for vaulted truss and rafter roofs, yet another large task added to the todo list.

Attic and Gambrel attic trusses will require not only ceiling GWB but also the attic GWB on walls and flat and sloping ceilings.

With the addition of all the interior and exterior cladding, the plugin can now generate the majority of the structural features of a roof.


This probably pertains more directly to the Wall Plugin I have been working on but I could also test out the concept with the dormer module.

If the user enables the exterior wall cladding I could also enable a further option which will draw the corner and window trim as shown. This option would only become active if the cladding option is selected. I would create a new tab in the global settings for the all of the trim options (size, material etc…)

I’m also considering a rudimentary door and window module that can auto-fill the window and door holes in the Wall Plugin, however I don’t know if architects and designers would find any use for it since they may be inclined to use more sophisticated 3rd party window and door plugins.

The reason I am considering this is that it would further automate the creation process and I have yet to find a window and door plugin that I am 100% satisfied with.


Raised heel fink truss roof with 1.5"x1.5" ceiling battens and 5/8" GWB at a 5.5" wall inset.


Scissor truss with ceiling battens and GWB:



H-Shaped roof with two valley sets.

View model here:


Tomorrow is my birthday. Given all of the health issues I’ve had the last few months I’m just happy to still be kicking. My neck and general constitution is still not quite right but at least I’m functional and for that I am very grateful.

In response to the overwhelming positive vibe I’ve received from the SketchUp community during my downtime I would like to offer the following offer to current users of the plugin who currently have a non-expired license/serial number:

1.) By March 2, 2017 (offer ends midnight Mar. 2) post on this forum or the other SketchUp forum a screenshot or rendering of a current project you are working on that you have utilized the plugin. Give your company name or state “for personal use”. Also describe what features you primarily use within the plugin (ie. trusses, rafters, floors etc…) Please try to make the picture such that it shows the output from the plugin as clearly as possible.

2.) Send me an email with the time and date of your post and your name/company name and I will then extend your license out for another full year from the existing expiration date (add an additional year to your license).

My reason for doing this is primarily to see how you are using the plugin in the real world. Is it making any sort of meaningful impact? Does it actually get used, or do people purchase it out of curiosity and then never actually use it?

I also want to give back a little to those who continue to support the plugin and its development. Hopefully a few of you will take me up on this offer since I am really curious to see how the plugin is actually being used by real architects and designers.

I hope I am not violating any board rules by posting this offer.


I’ve been giving some though to the soffit and fascia and I realized that in many cases the design may call for a closed soffit:

I’ve seen soffits constructed with plywood and also metal (aluminum, vented).

Also the fascia I am creating currently should be more properly labeled the sub-fascia since in many cases the true fascia board is a thinner 5/4 or 1x material. If metal is used then the sub-fascia is covered over with a fascia cover:

Then of course we get into the whole boxed soffit at the corners:

I would like to get some input in what you would like to see with closed soffits and fascia. I am thinking it might be useful to have a completely separate section in the global settings that deals specifically with closed soffits, fascia and corner treatment (ie. boxed corners vs. non-boxed)