Truss Plugin/Extension


So far I have not really had the opportunity to use my own plugin on a real job, other than some minor conceptual structural models.

Last night I had the opportunity to model a garage/office as part of a real world study for a building design.

This further re-emphasized how much I need to put together my own Wall Plugin, something I might seriously wade into this weekend.

View model here:

Its 25Mb because of the vehicles I inserted from the 3D Warehouse, it would be nice to have more lightweight test vehicles to use as space fillers and sizers, does anyone have any suggestions?


The 18.5’ highbay/garage only needs to be 16’ in height and the 2nd floor of the office space needs 9 ft ceilings:

Note the valley truss set, and how I was able to easily tie these two roofs together. For simple roof lines I’m pretty happy with what the plugin can do.


When combining different roofs on complex structures I often find myself having to delete the outlookers, overhang and gable end truss on one end of the roof assembly. Then today I had a request from a user to enable the ability to limit the gable geometry to only one end. Based on this I will try to set up another option for the gable end truss option which allows for only the creation of one side with the gable end geometry. This means I will have to rework some of the advanced options to make sure it is compatible but I think I can make it happen fairly quickly.


In response to a recent request about gable ends of the roof assembly I have created an additional option in the “Gable End Trusses” option when creating common trusses. The new “Front” option only creates the gable end truss and gable end geometry on one side of the truss assembly and leaves the other side open as shown below:

This should come in handy when creating roof assemblies that butt up against walls and other complex configurations (ie. T-shaped buildings requiring Valley Sets etc…)

I’ve also been slowly working away at bringing all of the common truss types up to speed. The Modified Qeen Truss (Mod Queen) now has plates, raised heels, structural outlookers, layers and materials:

Most of the non-common truss types still need me to go through and integrate plates, layers, raised heels and materials, the amount of work needing to be done is staggering. This plugin is far from a polished, finished product, even after more than a year’s worth of time and effort.



The common fan truss now has raised heels, plates, materials and layers:

I apologize for the slow progress. I’ve had some 12 hour work days last week so I didn’t have much left in the tank once I got home, usually just eat and then went straight to bed.


I am in the planning stages for building a patio roof extension. The fascia board of the patio has completely rotted away apparently because the builder/seller never installed any roof edge flashing.

Nevertheless, I plan on connecting the extension to the existing patio header, which will allow my the roof of the extension to be underneath accordingly. I need to clear the replacement fascia board, soffit, and so forth therefore I have been carefully plugging everything in to SketchUp (2017), which will hopefully resolve any potential problems down the road.

I ran into problems with the length of the rafter after the bird’s mouth when using Housebuilder. I have a 15 degree roof or a 3.22/12 pitch with a 2x6 rafter. HB will not allow me to adjust the throat cut nor will it allow me to alter the fasica board angle, which needs to be 1’ 1/2", 15 degress, respectively. However, if I switch to a 2x8 rafter, then everything measures out except for the fasica angle, which forces me to modify each rafter individually.

I came across your plugin and downloaded the trial version. Upon first glance, it is quite amazing for the average layman of DIY’ers, such as moi… I noticed, however, that I was unable to input the exact roof pitch; in that, it was restricting me by only offering, for example, 3 or 3.5.

Is this because I downloaded the trial version instead of the pay version?

Kind regards…


The functionality of the full vs. trial plugin is the same except for the trial version limiting the span of some truss and rafter types.

I originally made the roof pitch a drop down box/option since most people use standard roof pitches with their roofs (ie. 4:12, 7:12, 9.5:12 etc…) However, the problem with that is it does not allow one to enter in values other than those provided in the drop down list. The alternative would be to make this a simple text field where the user specifies the roof pitch however my thinking was having the drop down list was more convenient. For the metric templates (when the plugin switches to metric mode) the pitch is given in degrees rather than the customary US pitch (x/12) method.

I guess what I should do is add an option into the global settings which allows one to toggle between the drop down list or a simple text field for the pitch input.


Version 1.8.3 - 02.12.2017

  • Enabled metal plate connectors, materials and custom layers for Fan trusses.
  • Added energy/raised heels for Fan truss (3 variants: wedge, slider and vertical w/ strut).
  • Roof slope can be toggled between Pitch or Degrees (input) for common trusses in the global settings.

Currently the metric template forces the roof slope to degrees however in the imperial templates (inches, feet) the user can select between Pitch or Angle for common truss types. I will need to update all of the truss types with this global setting option.


Thank you for fixing the pitch issue so quickly. Unfortunately, I have not been able to download the updated version (1.8.3) either from SketchUp Extension Manager (SEM) or from your physical site.

For instance, SEM lists version 1.7.9 or 1.8.1 when using “medeek truss plugins” within the search option. For your site, I clicked on the “Download Now” button, which gave me the same trial version (1.8.2) that I had already installed.

I must be doing something wrong; that is, do I need to purchase the program so that I can get said updated version?


1.8.3 is live on my site, I’m not sure why you are still getting 1.8.2, I just downloaded it a minute ago from the site to check and it is coming up as 1.8.3.


When you indicate that you downloaded it… what active link did you select?


I have a choice between the trial version “Download Now” or the pay version “Purchase Plugin.”



I’ve noticed that when you install the extension and it is already installed (previous edition) it sometimes does not overwrite the previous edition like it should. I need to add a note into the documentation to manually remove the extension first before upgrading.

Sorry FuzzyG, I upgraded the extension to switch between degrees and pitch but I just noticed that it was only for common trusses and not the rafter roofs you have been working with. I will try to get to this tonight after work and then release another update.


Version 1.8.4 - 02.14.2017

  • Enabled roof cladding for gable and hip rafter roofs.
  • Roof slope can be toggled between Pitch or Degrees (input) for gable and hip rafter roofs in the global settings.


To create this roof was not an entirely automated process but I’m slowly getting there. The trim tool comes in really handy for creating valley and jack rafters but ultimately it would be nice to auto create L-Shaped, T-Shaped and U-Shaped roofs.

View model here:



I’ve watching your development of the roof framing plugin. As custom framer I have rarely used a supporting valley.
One thing that I would like to say is Height Above Plate (HAP). Top of rafter down to plate to create bird mouth.
Backing the hip or valley depends on thickness of materials and pitch. Center line for proper planning.


Check out the book the Modern roof framer.


Do you have any SketchUp models that are similar to this roof and show the correct way to frame it? I will check out the book that you listed, it seems like it could be useful.


Check the valley rafter in this model: