Truss Plugin/Extension


Should have option for vertical battens - often used to create ventilation space under finished roof.


In some cases vertical counter-battens are used when sheathing is applied under the battens. It appears that the counter battens usually line up with the truss or rafters. I will need to include three more options in the batten menu:

Counter Battens: YES/NO
Counter Batten Height:
Counter Batten Width:


Version 1.6.7 - 07.21.2016

  • Added a counter battens option within the battens menu for common, scissor and vaulted trusses.

View model here:

Counter battens can be applied with our without sheathing. The counter battens are centered on the trusses below therefore their spacing is not independently controlled.

Based on my research it appears that counter battens are usually only applied when battens are laid on top of a sheathed roof. However I have left the option open to apply them without the sheathing in case one wanted to apply them directly to the truss top chords over a vapor barrier.


I can add another input field into the menu which will allow the offset from the peak:

Offset from Peak (mm):

I can also put in another option that will allow for the equal spacing between peak and eave battens with the spacing input serving as the max. batten spacing if this option is enabled:

Spacing Peak-to-Eave: YES/NO

I think this will then give you the flexibility you need to make this feature actually useful in real world applications.

Another thing to note is that the battens will work with the roof returns option but I currently have no logic in place to deal with the extension at the eave. I may need to give this some more thought:


Version 1.6.7 - 07.21.2016

  • Added a counter battens option within the battens menu for common, scissor and vaulted trusses.
  • Battens (at peak) can be offset from peak.
  • Peak-to-Eave spacing option available when “battens at peak” option is selected.

This was a very small update so I just tucked it into the latest revision.

View model here:


I haven’t had any time this week or even this weekend to dive back into it yet but the icons for the Medeek Tools Menu (trim and extend for now) will look like this:


Version 1.6.8 - 08.20.2016

  • Added the Medeek Tools toolbar with Trim and Extend icons.
  • Added the trim function for (solid) groups and components.

Only the trim function currently works with this latest release. I’m also not completely satisfied with the trim function as it tends to break down when dealing with components that have tranformed instances. I am still working on this one. The main reason I’ve released it is for a few of my SketchUp mentors to have the ability to test the trim function and hopefully help me work the bugs out of it.


I’ve created a SketchUp model tonight using the truss and foundation plugins to further examine a structural design I am working on.

View and download model here:

I think I will probably add a TJI roof that allows one to use two glulam beams with cantilevered rafters as shown in this model, this configuration seems to be fairly popular.


Again I apologize for the delay in development, first it was my new job and then I re-injured my rotator cuff (old injury from 10 years ago) which has made sitting at my desk for prolonged periods very difficult.

This morning I sat down and thought about hip sets since I’ve had some recent requests for the their addition to the plugin. What I show below is a fairly standard step down hip set with, with the midwest variant shown at one corner and the standard variant at the other corner.

View model here:

Note, I have not shown all of the internal webs for clarity, those will be generated automatically and not be user definable.

Please review carefully and let me know if anything looks amiss. I will also be adding in other variants of the hip set but I figured I would start with these two.

A stepdown hip set provides a girder truss, with a hip jack truss running from the corners up the ridge until they meet the hip girder.

The Midwest hip set also provides a girder truss, with hip trusses that step up to the peak.
However in a Midwest hip set, you run a rafter (dropped) up from the corner of the front wall to the hip girder.
All the bottom chords of the end jacks run to the hip girder, allowing for better attachment of the drywall on the ceiling.


This is the Northeast Hip Set variant:

View model here:

In a northeast hip set, you will find a short jack truss starting at the corner and running up the hip ridge. This hip jack stops at a sub-girder. All end jack bottom chords run to the hip girder, allowing for better attachment of the drywall on the ceiling. Hip cats must be field cut and installed between the hip trusses. Works well with dual-pitched hip systems.


This is the California Hip Set:

View model here:

The problem I am having with this variant is the conflict between the 2x6 hip rafter and the top chords of the step down hip trusses.


The revised california hip set with a stacked hip rafter:

View model here:


A stepdown or midwest hip set with a drop-in purlin frame:

View model here:

There is some minor conflicts at the top chord of the frame with the hip trusses and at the peak but I don’t think it is worth worrying about.

I have found that for manual editing of members the “trim” function is becoming a very valuable tool, it has already saved me a lot of time when adjusting webs and chords as I adjust or drop some of the hip truss top chords. I strongly suggest that everyone upgrade to the latest version (1.6.8) to take advantage of the improved trim function. I now need to get the extend function working.


A smaller (16’ span) standard terminal hip set attached to the main roof with girder truss and valley set.

View model here:

The addition of the hip sets into the plugin will allow the creation of more complex hip roofs with minimal manual intervention.


I now just need to hunker down and get some heavy coding done to make all of these hip set variants a reality. Once I have one the rest will fall out fairly easily since the overall logic for all the variants are quite similar. I’ve spent the last 2-3 days reviewing some texts and shop drawings to make sure I’ve got things more or less correct with my models/templates. So far no one has complained too loudly about any of the configurations so I think it is now time to proceed and add the hip sets into the plugin.


Version 1.6.9 - 09.14.2016

  • Added some enhancements and wireframe (temporary) graphics to the valley set function.
  • Fixed bug in the trim function.
  • Fixed bug in the roof battens option.


This reminds me far too much of when I used to build trusses in a plant for a living. lmao Looks impressive.



I do believe that you are the answers to my prayers! I have been looking for the tools you are creating for a long time!
I just started playing with your trials this evening, but plan to purchase straight away.
The only thing I am now missing is a wall framing tool. Have you done such a thing? If not, I would be interested in talking about funding you to create one. Looking at the tools you have created for roofs and floors, I bet the wall one would be easier. you think? Can I email directly to talk more?



The wall framing plugin is still in development I just started working
on it about a month ago but have not made much progress due to some
upheaval in my job situation over the last two months, however with my
new job I will have time and energy to devote to all three plugins.


This is great Nathaniel. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! A
few suggestions/thoughts/wishes for the tools:

  1. It would be wonderful to have a drop down menu on each of the elements
    to select a layer to put them on. (For example: Under the sheathing
    options on the truss tool, a drop down to select the layer to put the
    sheathing on, and similar for the trusses, etc.)

  2. How about the addition of rebar in the foundation tool? Being able to
    specify the bar spacing and location.

  3. For the wall tool, I’ve been hoping for a tool where I can pick an
    existing face with the door and window openings in it, run a tool, and it
    will ask what side of the face to put the framing on (set the basepoint of
    the framing), it will frame headers/openings and intersections according to
    settings, and have options for adding interior wall board, sheathing.
    (maybe even rainscreen battens, and siding?, cavity insulation?)

Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:

Also, great to see you are in the NW. I am in Portland.


Matthew Daby


m.o.daby design llc