Truncated cones

I want to draw truncated cones and pyramids. I have tried by drawing the cone and cutting a Section plane through the cone, reversing the plane, and erasing, but this doesn’t work. Is there a way to do this, please?

Draw a rectangle, move onto the cone to where you want the cut, right-click->Intersect. Now there’s a line on the cone and you can delete the half you don’t want.
*Select the cone face before right-clicking on it.

Thank you so much! I’ve spent several hours trying to do that.

Another approach less effort, draw outer base, draw inner dia. , keep segments same, you want and dlete that face , use move tool and move to height you want SU will do auto fold to make sides

It can be done with a section plane: Right-click on the section and select “create group from slice” from the context menu. Delete section plane. Select the slice group and explode it.

Another method to make a truncated cone with the upper surface parallel to the bottom, like in mac’s version: Draw the bottom circle. Push-pull it up to a cylinder. Select the top face. Use the Scale tool to scale it to desired size.


Also explore how you can use the cardinal points on Arcs, Circles and Polygons (set the circle segment to 4 for a square profile.)

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One of SU’s many hidden powers.
Perhaps the quickest, easiest way to model a truncated cone or pyramid.

You can also use the scale feature.

  1. Create a cylinder
  2. Select the scale feature
  3. Pick the top cylinder face
  4. On mac,press the option key, and on Windows, press the ctrl key, to show the marker for face center and enable uniform scale option
  5. While the key from #4 ( option, on mac, and crtl, on Windows) is pressed, select a grip along the diagonal and move it towards the center marker to get a truncated cone.
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