Trucks for a Toddler

Morning SketchUp practice. Or, more properly, avoidance tactic to keep from going out into the -43°F wind chill.

Toy tilt trucks based on a design by Ko Verzuu for Ado Holland in 1951. Pretty simple to model and would be simple to build in the shop if someone was looking for a gift for a toddler.


A very creative fellow in Canada has done two books on playthings like this: Great Big Toy Trucks and Tremendous Toy Trucks, both published by The Taunton Press. They include drawings and instructions for some amazing vehicles: A Bobcat, a fire engine, a giant eight-wheeled tractor, a road grader, and so on. Some of the trucks are very complex but worth the effort. Go to to check them out.
Happy holidays,

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-43F? I thought Alberta was bad in Winter…

This song (The Frozen Logger) talks about 100 degrees below zero…

You have it warm, DaveR!

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If you use a reasonable unit, it’s a little bit warmer… -41,7 °C or even 231,5 K… :wink:

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Is it a direct swap, two trucks for one toddler? How many trucks have you got to trade?


Yes. The other people were happy with the toddler, too. :smiley:

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