Trow Back Thursday - SketchUpDate 1/30/2004

I’ve been enjoying the recent SketchUp Talk podcasts including the recollections of early years. That and other things jogged my memory: I contributed a story to the SU blog some time ago, when was that? Well, I’m shocked to rediscover upon searching my email archive it was SketchUpDate, January 30, 2004! Here’s the story:

Rob sent me a great SketchUp child-care story last week.

"Working at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Children are at their crabbiest late in the day, just about quitting time, so one day last month, with a few minutes to go, my wife brings in my almost-3 year old, puts her on my lap and says, ‘Here, you do something with miss crabby.’

Okay, lets see. Command-N. [editor’s note: open a new SketchUp file] ‘You like playing with Legos, don’t you?’ Not knowing the exact specifications of Legos, I did an approximation. Before you know it, my 6 year old is telling me how she makes birds! Tantrum ended. All’s well that ends well.

Of course, now I want to make more accurate Legos…"


Robert T. Coolidge, AIA

…and here’s the file in SU8 format. Woah, a SU file from 15 years ago when I was just learning! Amazing that SU still opens them.
Legos 1-SUv8.skp (495.0 KB)


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