Trouble with updating image and model references on Layout 2024

I’ve always enjoyed the process of updating an image in Layout by right clicking the image > Update Image Reference and it updates the photo keeping its original location. But it’s stopped working for me!

Usually I update the image on PhotoShop, overwrite the name, then on Layout, click > Update Image Reference and it changes instantly. It’s now storing the original photo in the default Ref folder - with another name (numbers and name of original photo) So when I update image reference, the photo doesn’t change. I’ve usually been able to get around this by right clicking ‘Relink image’ but that isn’t working either. I now have to manually insert the new updated image.

Has anyone else had this issue? It was also doing it to my SketchUp Model viewports.

I’m using 2024 versions, on MacBook Pro Ventura.

Are you seeing it on both Experimental Graphics Engine and Classic Engine? I’m assuming you’ve tried rebooting? Probably a Ventura/Mac thing?

Where are you saving the LayOut file and associated image and SketchUp files - locally or with Dropbox / iCloud / onedrive / etc?


I have the same problem with the ref folder. When I want to update it doesn’t update and I have to relink my viewport to the SketchUp file. Than it opens a ref folder first.