Trouble with Solid Group for 3D Printing


Thrust Button.skp (104.5 KB)

I am having trouble keeping my solid object solid! I modeled the mushroom-shaped object (the thrust button) and managed to keep it a solid object. However, when I try to put a shaft through it, I am not sure how to keep the figure solid? The cylinder in this drawing is offset 2 degrees in two axes, so I can’t just push a circle through, from the top of the button. Instead, what I was trying to do was to create the offset cylinder, then meld it with the button and then hollow out the cylinder?

In the end, what I’m looking for is the button with a shaft through it, angled 2 degrees off the X and Y axes. I tried using Intersect Faces, but it always leaves me with a broken surface on my cylinder.





The problem is that your model is too small so the intersections create edges below SketchUp’s nearby vertex tolerance. The solution is to scale up by 100 or perhaps even 1000, do the intersections, and then scale back down. For components, the Dave method is a fast and clean way to do this.

Edit: in addition, you have the model contents a large distance from the origin compared to their size. That can cause problems with selection, orbiting, and clipping.



Steve, thanks very much!! I’ll try it right now